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Day walks are the best option if you want to observe birds, mammals and other animals, as well as enjoy the general nature in all its splendor.
Day tours begin between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. extending until late in the afternoon, as it is the time of greatest wildlife activity. Under the guidance of an expert naturalist guide, you can enjoy close-up and learn about the great Costa Rican natural diversity.​

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Indeed, Monteverde is one of the main tourist destinations in Costa Rica in terms of adrenaline and fun.

The canopy tour is a fascinating adventure where the adrenaline is mixed with the most incredible scenery surrounding Monteverde. The tour consists of platforms and cables that carries you on a flight through the treetops. The tour begins with the placement of appropriate equipment and a detailed explanation of all safety procedures to enjoy this amazing adventure.

A walk over the air, over the hanging bridges offers an exciting and informative experience to meet the forests of Monteverde from the treetops.

Some companies also offer some activity like Tarzan Swing, Bungee, abseiling, Superman or the popular Buggies or Quadracicles tours. It all depends on what kind of adventure you are seeking.

The adventure activities are safe for every type of person, however they may apply some restrictions.

Enjoy a night hike and discover the wonders offered by the forest of Monteverde. Among the species that visitors can see during a night walk are: sleeping birds, tarantulas, spiders, crickets, lizards, frogs, porcupines, raccoons, olingos, snakes, insects, armadillos, raccoons, reptiles, hopefully can find a Sloth sleeping. Most of the night walks begin at 5:00 pm and take approximately two hours.




If you are a person who seek a relax in the middle of the woods, this is certainly an experience that you cannot miss. After a guided half-hour horseback ride you will find two beautiful pools of hot springs, located next to a river where you can enjoy nothing more than the sound of birds and trees. This is the perfect opportunity to leave behind the tedious world and connect with nature, in a relaxing hot spring bath.



Are you a horse lover? In Monteverde you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes and sunsets in a different way. The tours offer horses for the different levels of experience, from beginner to experienced. Tours are offered in the mornings to ride through forests, open fields and in the evening you can take a tour to enjoy a great sunset.

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Monteverde hosts a great variety of naturalistic exhibits in which you can observe closely the most interesting details of plants and animals. An example of this is the Frog Pond, which houses dozens of species of amphibians, or the Bat Jungle, where you can learn about the habits of these peculiar animals. There are also herpetariums, butterfly and insect exhibits, hummingbird gardens, and much more.

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The coffee tours offer an interesting opportunity to learn about the history, cultivation and processing of coffee. The Coffee Tour is an educational activity that allows us to see and understand how the local production works.
During the tour, visiting farms and coffee mill. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in the various stages involved in the production of coffee. From the collection, measurement, washing, drying, roasting and how to differentiate them. During the harvest you can have the opportunity to participate in the collection of red grains.

Monteverde offers to the visitors a lot of activities to do during their visit. There are tours for all interests and budgets. After your arrival to our establishment, we will provide information about places to visit and activities that you can enjoy in Monteverde, from adventure tours and recreational exhibitions, to restaurants and coffee shops, as well as organize and reserve any activity you are interested to do.

Canopy / Zipline
Bungee jumping​ & Tarzan swing



Coffee tour

Following to our clients ans general visitors's opinions, those are the top 3 activities to do in Monteverde.