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Know our efforts to protect the envioronomet from our propierties.

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Let's have fun! We help you coordinate your trip to the canopy,hanging bridges, horseback riding, etc.


We are a small tourist establishment operated by an authentic Costa Rican family. Growing up with the values of conservationism and love of nature, we founded our small hotel of cabins, which are surrounded by lush gardens and private forests.
We are also a sustainable company. Most of the products we use are harvested on the property such as beans, plantains, bananas, milk products such as milk, butter and cheese, products that we make from sugar cane, such as "Tapa de Dulce", brown sugar and syrup, among others. , In the same way that we produce much of the energy we use in our property.

Our mission is to reach the greatest satisfaction of our guests. So we are dedicated to providing personalized service in a family atmosphere.

Come and enjoy the peace and privacy we offer you in this little paradise.

Winner from 2011


Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna that can be seen in our facilities!